Equine Rider Care:

This package is suitable for all horse riders who want to ensure they are a balanced and comfortable load for their horse and to maximise their effectiveness in the saddle.

Our skeletal alignment, muscle lengths and strengths, core stability and balance all affect the way we ride. Let us help you improve your symmetry and control.

This service is popular with both professional and leisure riders.


Initial assessments last an hour and are priced at £70.

Follow ups are usually half an hour and are priced at £40, but the focus here is on individual need. Assessments riding your horse can be arranged, as can liaison with your horse's musculoskeletal practitioner, provision of kit such as exercise ball, foam roller (where appropriate) and recommendation/provision of further input ie. Pilates training.

Forest Physiotherapy is the proud sponsor of Armstrong Equine. Charlotte Armstrong is pictured above, riding homebred Fable. Find her on facebook at www.facebook.com/ArmstrongEquine, or visit her website,