Wellness at Work:

We offer rapid access to Physiotherapy to local business's for their employers. Our standard package is five treatments offered in order to promote rapid return to work or support those managing to remain at work. These five sessions are charged at a discounted, corporate rate for local employers.

We are also delighted to introduce our Wellness at Work initiative. This is an occupational health package aimed at businesses who employ staff in the Forest of Dean.

The Health and Safety Executive estimate that in 2013/14, new workplace illness and injuries cost society £14.2 billion. Poor worker habits don’t just affect a worker’s health, they can also reduce productivity, lower customer satisfaction and lead to recruitment costs from hiring replacement staff.

Our Wellness at Work programme aims to get people more active and lower stress. We educate your employees in how they can build more physical activity in to their day. There are many ways to do this that are free or inexpensive and that don’t impact on “work time”. The main aim of this programme is to kick start people into developing healthier work habits.

When problems do occur, rapid access to a musculoskeletal physiotherapist can reduce sickness absence and is vital in preventing a new problem becoming chronic. Our Wellness at Work programme offers timely access to effective Physiotherapy delivered by a highly specialised therapist right here in the Forest of Dean.

We have a dynamic range of business packages available to support your company in decreasing absence and improving the health, wellbeing and productivity of your workforce.

To discuss this further please contact us by telephone or email, or call in at our premises in the Carlson Suite, Vantage Point Business Reception, GL17 0DD.